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WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ (12, 14 & 16)

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The 12′, 14′ and 16′ pusher box plows add to the lineup of WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ steel edge plows. The two-piece, steel trip-edge design delivers a cleaner scrape for hard packed snow and ice while protecting operators and their equipment when encountering hidden bumps and obstacles. The pushers quickly and easily attach to backhoes, wheel loaders and tractors requiring only the use of bolt-on, interchangeable attachment plates and are available in multiple sizes.

PILE DRIVER™ (12, 14 & 16)
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WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ (12, 14 & 16) Plow Blade Construction

The 12', 14' and 16' PILE DRIVER™ steel edge pusher plows come equipped with an enhanced, heavy-duty blade design. The pusher plows feature a 10-gauge moldboard for superior strength and an aggressive, 67-degree attack angle to help scrape hard-packed snow and ice. Measuring 40½" tall, the pusher plows are finished with a high-gloss, industrial paint that is salt- and UV-resistant to protect against corrosion.

WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ (12, 14 & 16) Structural Support

The PILE DRIVER™ pusher plows feature multiple structural-steel channels that run across the length of the entire blade and is internally lined with stiffener ribs to provide structural integrity and bucket-impact strength.

WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ (12, 14 & 16) Two-piece, Steel Trip-Edge

The two-piece, steel trip-edge design provides a cleaner scrape for hard-packed snow while protecting you and your equipment from hidden obstacles. The steel trip-edge is constructed with eight or twelve extension springs, depending on the blade width, and is reinforced with additional ribs at the trip springs to handle large snow loads and stresses. The steel cutting edge is center-punched, which means it can be flipped, resulting in improved service life.

WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ (12, 14 & 16) Interchangeable Attachments

Interchangeable attachments offer the flexibility to quickly and easily attach the pushers to various pieces of equipment within a fleet. Attachments include a universal post option for wheel loaders and three different wheel loader carrier options along with their compatible models.

WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ (12, 14 & 16) Floating Shoes

Designed to keep the cutting edge level on uneven surfaces to maintain a clean scrape and a more even cutting edge wear.

WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ (12, 14 & 16) Floating Attachment Plates

Floating attachment plates smooth out bumps and allow side-to-side movement, keeping the pusher in contact with the surface at all times.

Models         12'     14'     16'
Moldboard Options Steel Steel Steel
Blade Width 12' 14' 16'
Blade Height 40.5" 40.5" 40.5"
Capacity 8.5 cu yd 10 cu yd 11.5 cu yd
Machine Application Wheel Loader, Backhoe, Tractor Wheel Loader, Backhoe, Tractor Wheel Loader, Backhoe, Tractor
Approx. Weight 2,128 lb 2,275 lb 2,512 lb
Cutting Edge Steel Steel Steel
Mount Type Interchangeable Attachment Interchangeable Attachment Interchangeable Attachments
Steel Trip-Edge Standard Standard Standard
Horsepower Compatibility 70+ hp 85+ hp 100+ hp