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ID # 26622945

Wallenstein - WXR545PL

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Sale Type
2" Ladder Style Ball Coupler
4.80 x 8
196 CC Honda GX200
Bed Height
24" (61 cm)
Full Cycle
10.3 Seconds
Horizontal / Vertical / 20°
Split Force
22 Ton
Total Weight
625 lbs (283 kg)
Wedge Height
9" (23 cm)
Split Opening
24" (61 cm)
Cylinder Diameter
4" (10 cm)
Dimensions (LxWxH)
108" x 49" x 45" (274 cm x 124 cm x 114 cm)
Hydraulic Capacity
6 US gal (23 l)
Average Splitter Cycle Time
5 Seconds

Wallenstein WXR545PL 20 Degree Splitting Position

Additional choice of splitting position allows easy block positioning and a comfortable working height.

Adjustable Ladder Hitch

Match your towing vehicle hitch for optimum towing height.

Block Stripper Plates

Easily remove gnarly blocks that stick to the splitting wedge.

Choose Your Colour Wallenstein WXR545PL

With Wallenstein you have a choice. Products are available in seven solid colors and Realtree EDGE™camouflage. $250 price premium for Realtree EDGE™ camouflage.

Crank Adjust Jack

Easily raise and lower the tongue and ball coupler for transport hookup.

Wallenstein WXR545PL Direct Pressure

Full splitting force is always applied because the cylinder is directly inline with the log, powering through the toughest wood with ease.

Engine Protection

Stout engine guard prevents damage to the engine from towing vehicle.

https://www.wallensteinequipment.com/file.aspx?id=f2579ae7-5af2-407d-977a-8a386146ab8c&h=230&w=230 Factory Installed Light Kit

L Model units come with a factory installed light kit equipped with brake lights and turn signals. They use a standard 4-pin connector.

https://www.wallensteinequipment.com/file.aspx?id=2c2adaac-2f71-459a-8268-9d827525734a&h=230&w=230 Firebolt Technology

Speed up splitting with the efficient regenerative mode, full power mode always available.

Folding Tongue

No tools required to fold the tongue up for a smaller storage footprint.

Wallenstein WXR545PL Hands Free Return - Auto Neutral

Switched to reverse, the wedge returns to the start position hands free and then automatically clicks back to neutral.

https://www.wallensteinequipment.com/file.aspx?id=ab5d19ae-fe77-4c99-9a1a-ac400ad7a4da&h=230&w=230 Highway Towable

Transport your unit with hitch, safety chains, highway tires, and full trailer lighting.

https://www.wallensteinequipment.com/file.aspx?id=e050945f-cdd0-4d64-87df-fa2660ff0b34&h=230&w=230 LED Lights

Bright and modern lighting.

Mud Flaps

Keep your trailer clean and safely share the roadway with other vehicles.

https://www.wallensteinequipment.com/file.aspx?id=20bd0be9-0ecb-4a0d-9480-b891c09def47&h=230&w=230 Torflex® Suspension Axle

Axles are designed to absorb road impact, providing a smoother towing experience.

Wallenstein WXR545PL Two Stage Hydraulic Pump

Maximize your efficiency with the 2-stage pump that moves quickly and splits powerfully.

Wallenstein WXR545PL Vertical and Horizontal splitting

Quickly and easily switch into the vertical position to split logs too large to lift onto the splitting bed.

Wallenstein WXR545PL Wide Wedge

Wide wedge spreads and pops the log in a short distance, reducing cycle time.

Width Indicator Whips

Effortless backing by referring to the width and presence of your trailer.